Minecraft Server

This section of the website hosts the Minecraft server. You can access this server by entering tairaserver.net as the IP address, but in order to get on you must be whitelisted by another player. This server is whitelist only, meaning you can only get on if you're on the whitelist. You also need to match the current server version which is Minecraft 1.16.1. The server also will not work for anyone if any of the official services are down. You can visit this website to see if Mojang's stuff isn't working.

  • Dynamic World Map - A dynamic map of the world which automatically updates when people make new things. Note that this does not work if the minecraft server is down.

  • Server Information - Information about the server itself, like what software and hardware it is running.

  • Server Wikia - Server information database. It holds a bunch of information pertaining to the lore of the server.

  • Server Directory - A database search engine which allows you to search through various locations and buildings on the server. It also has a calculator which you can use to calculate addresses for buildings on the server.

Other Stuff


This is a cloud file storage interface built for me and some friends.
Tairaserver.net Cloud

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This is the soul link hall of fame.
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