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Continents are large governmental entities defined by the server's constitution to be:

"any governmental body established to impose regulations or standards upon municipalities across vast areas of the server by governing a particular piece of land, typically defined by natural boundaries such as rivers, lakes, oceans, mountains, valleys, etcetera." - Article V, §3

Continents may govern themselves in vastly different ways, some having council like governments, some having what is in essence a dictatorship, while others still have complete anarchy. The constitution does not concern itself with how continents govern themselves, only that they are self governing, and that they have clearly defined boundaries. Continents are the highest form of governing body before the Ultimate Sovereign State, and as a result, they only must answer to Sovereign Acts and the Server Constitution. Whatever form of government they have though, all continents which are officially recognized by the Ultimate Sovereign State gain Continental Power, which is the culmination of rights granted to continents.

How Much Power Does a Continent Have?

You may be wondering how much the government of a continent can do. Can continental governments remove structures without your permission? Can they prevent you from entering? Is there a limit to their power? The answer to those questions is, maybe, no, and yes:

  • Can continents remove my stuff? - By their constitutionally given right to govern, continents can remove things you've built without your permission, as long as they have an established piece of legislature that they can prove you violated, and the case does not violate the Retroactive Enactment Clause. What this basically means is, if the government can prove you broke a law that they created, and the law was not made after you built the structure, then yes. They can remove your stuff without your permission. The idea behind this is that building on a continent is an implicit agreement between you and the government of the continent to abide by their laws. If you break one of their laws, you've violated this agreement, and they have the right to have that agreement be enforced. That all being said, if you can prove that the continent's law was either created after you built your structure, or somehow violates a section of sovereign law or the server constitution, their law may be struck down.
  • Can continents prevent me from entering? - NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Article I Section V of the server constitution explicitly forbids both this behavior, and any laws resulting in this behavior. No person may deny any other person entry to any area of the server, other than by receiving a no-trespass order from the Ultimate Sovereign State. In order to do that, a court hearing must occur in which the person you're trying to prevent from entering is indicted in a crime of some sort. This very seldom happens, and this power is only exercised in cases where someone is purposefully harming other people's creations. In any other case, continents are not allowed to create such laws.
  • What limits a continent's power? - There are two things which can limit the power of a continent. The first is of course, the server constitution. All worlds, continents, municipalities, and jurisdictional regions must abide by the server's constitution. There are no exceptions to this rule. Second, sovereign acts, which are laws passed by the Ultimate Sovereign State can limit the ways in which continents create laws. For example, a continent cannot create a discriminatory environment, because that is a violation of Sovereign Act No. II, which outlaws discrimination of any kind on the server.
  • List of Continents

    Please note that only continents which are officially recognized and established will be listed here.




    Gran Tierra

    Kita Territory





    Redstone Island