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A legal citation is a legal term which describes any situation in which legal action is taken against another member of the server. Legal citations in and of themselves are not necessarily bad things. They can, and often do, document simple incidents on the server which happen by accident, or out of simple ignorance. Indeed, most citations simply result in a warning where no action is taken. Citations simply serve as a record of actions taken in a particular case.

Citation Number Date Citationee(s) Citationer(s) Locale (If applicable) Law(s) applied Description Action taken


November 11th, 2016 Adam Tyler River Town and Valoria, Moiraia S.C. Art. V §1 Timmy and Adam mutually built a town north of the existing town of Valoria, Moiraia named River Town. Adam then initiated a merger of the two towns through Tyler who processed the merger, believing that Adam had Jurisdictional Authority over both towns. Timmy raised an objection to this through a private message, and revealed that because he started building it first, and he did not agree on a mutual contract with Adam that he had Jurisdictional Authority over the new town, and did not want the two to merge. Adam confirmed this, and conceded that Timmy has the rights to the town. Tyler then reversed the merger. Merger between River Town and Valoria was reversed, no further action taken.


May 12th, 2017 Bergen Tyler, Adam, Mike, Aaron N/A S.C. Preamble, S.A. No. V, Executive Order No. II Amidst increasing claims of harassment and complaints from other members of the server, Bergen's case was put to a democratic vote of three server cabinet members. All three voted unanimously to revoke his membership indefinitely. Indefinite ban placed against Bergen.


October 6th, 2017 Logan Tyler Ellegaard, Redstone Island S.A. No. III Logan created a device which caused TPS counts to drop on the server. This constitutes a violation of Sovereign Act No. III, as disruption to server activities. Due to a lack of knowledge on this subject, he was given a warning. Device was disabled, warning issued, and no further action taken.


October 30th, 2017 Logan Tyler #main_alpha, Discord S.A. No. IV §IIa A conversation held on the #main_alpha text channel was had between Mike, Dylan, Garrett, and Tyler. Logan began interrupting the rather heated conversation with random blips about discord not working. He was told on multiple occasions to take the discussion to a different forum, but he refused, continuing to post and derail the conversation, despite being warned of the possibility of a citation. After continuing despite this, he was cited for a violation of S.A. No. IV, and placed in a restricted permissions group for 24 hours. A few minutes later, Logan apologized, and Tyler decided to remove the restrictions. Logan was cited for a S.A. No. IV violation, and had his permissions restricted for 24 hours. Tyler removed the restrictions a few minutes after it was placed.


December 3rd, 2017 Colin Mike #main_alpha, Discord S.A. No. V Mike raised an issue with Colin's treatment of Sky due to the strained relationship between them. After both parties continually fired shots at each other, Mike raised the question of whether Colin's continued membership on the server was appropriate. Tyler reviewed chat logs and listened to testimony from Adam, Dylan, Mike, and Sky. Mike and Dylan's testimony lacked any evidence to move toward a conviction, Adam's testimony seemed to indicate that Colin was innocent, and Sky herself stated she did not wish to pursue the matter, which would make it illegal to try this matter under S.A. No. V §IIIa. As a result of all of this, the case against Colin was dropped, but Colin was warned of his behavior and how continued issues may result in a retrial. He was understanding of this, and apologized for any trouble he caused. Colin was accused of a S.A. No. V violation on the ground of harrassment, but due to a lack of evidence, the charges were dropped.


March 28th, 2018 Logan Tyler #just-The-tip, Discord D.S.A. No. IV Dylan contacted Tyler regarding an issue with Logan. He had evidently changed his profile picture once again to a picture of Dylan that Dylan wished would not be used. Logan plead guilty of this, and had no excuse for why he decided to go against a previous order. As a result, a punishment was handed down to him. Logan was convicted of a D.S.A. No. IV violation, and sentenced to 4 days of restricted privileges within all realms on the server.


June 11th, 2018 Logan Tyler Private message D.S.A. No. IV, D.S.C. Art. II §8 Alexia contacted me regarding disturbing communications sent to her by Logan. This is the second time he has done something of this nature. He was told that I'm severely displeased with this behavior as it's not the first time it has occurred between him and another member of the server. Logan has been told before than sending such imagery without consent is considered harassment, and that consent is always required when sending someone images of that nature. He has thus far given no explanation as to why he would ignore those directives. He was told that if any such issue occurs again, he would be facing criminal infraction, and a temporary ban would be in his future. Logan is also in violation of D.S.C. Art. II §8 due to the fact that a formal directive was issued to him in the past to cease such behavior. Logan was convicted of a D.S.A. No. IV violation and a D.S.C. Art. II §8 violation, and sentenced to 2 weeks of restricted posting privileges in all channels on the server as of the time of sentencing on June the 12th, 2018 at 12:15 AM.


September 15th, 2018 Logan Tyler Private message D.S.A. No. IV Tony contacted me about unsolicited explicit material being sent to him by Logan. Tony said he did not wish to be sent such material, but admitted he's requested it from Logan in the past. Logan had no comment about this. Tony did not wish to press any charges, and since D.S.A. No. IV requires consent of the harassee to prosecute, the matter was not pursued. Logan was however reminded of the precarious situation he is in regarding such matters as a result of his past violations. He was also reminded of the potential real-life legal ramifications. Logan was contacted about this matter, but since Tony did not wish to press charges, the full power of D.S.A. No. IV was not invoked.


January 8th, 2019 Mike Tyler #Just The Tip D.S.A. No. IV An argument ensued in Just The Tip between Mike and Dylan, Logan, and Garrett regarding an issue which took place on another server. Mike became belligerent toward all of the opposed parties and began attacking their character. He eventually changed his profile picture to contain Dylan's likeness which caused Dylan to press for invocation of D.S.A. No. IV. Tyler obliged, and as a result, Mike was temporarily kicked from the server until the issue could be resolved. It was about 15 minutes after the original kicking, and so he was admitted access back into the server. Mike was asked to change his profile picture, and upon refusal, was convicted of a D.S.A. No. IV violation, and temporarily kicked from the server. His access was restored shortly after.


February 4th, 2019 Logan Tyler #Just The Tip D.S.C. Art. II §8 Logan was in a seemingly antagonistic mood, as he was bringing up, (for no good reason) the fact that Dylan does not have a father. Tyler pressed Logan as to why he'd bring such a thing up, and the conversation was nearly dropped, until Logan referred to himself as Tyler's "son." Tyler had asked Logan on numerous occasions before to stop referring to himself as such. Including a time he brought up in the conversation himself: He claimed I said it was okay at the Christmas party, when in reality the opposite is true. Logan was immediately convicted of a violation of D.S.C. Art. II §8 since he'd been given formal directives before to stop engaging in this behavior. Logan was convicted of a D.S.C. Art. II §8 violation under the premise that he'd been formally told to cease this type of behavior before. He was sentenced to two days of restricted posting privileges as of the time of sentencing on the 4th of February, 2019 at 5:04 PM EST.