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Taira is the nickname of the server's current acting Head Administrator and Operator, Tyler Vitale.


Tyler has three residences: one main, and two vacation homes. Tyler's main house is located at the northern terminus of Hyrule Street in Hyrule, Windia. The house is actually a replica of Hyrule Castle from The Legend of Zelda, and it is aptly named, Hyrule Castle. It serves as Tyler's main home since he moved in June of 2017. Tyler's previous main home house is located on Northwestern Road in Harami, Zaffaria. This house was constructed by Adam and decorated by Aaron. It is located on top of the Yuki Plateau, just south of the Temple of Itegami and Mt. Samui. This used to by Tyler's main residence, before he moved to Hyrule. Tyler's 3rd residence is what he refers to as his "summer home" even though when he obtained the property, his home was not even half a kilometer away. This is the house located at the southern terminus of Lumiere Road in Southaven, Zaffaria. The house was actually given to him by Adam, who was the original owner.



  • Head Administrator - 1st in Command
  • Operator in Chief of the Server
  • SysOp of the Server Wikia
  • Systems Administrator of Servers
  • Head Web Administrator
  • "The Snow Miser"
  • C.E.O. Milk Spillers, Inc.




  • Tyler is currently the only person on the server who owns houses, but didn't build any of them.
    • Tyler did build one house which he lived in. This was his original house which he used during the server's early history. However, once he had moved into his second home on the Yuki Plateau, the house was demolished.